Louise Mosrie w/ Special Guest Davey O

Louise’s original songs on “Home” combine Americana, bluegrass and folk melodies and stories in ways that are fresh and charming with a warm vocal delivery and tasteful musical arrangements. From the title track that paints sweet moving pictures of home to the painful history of West Virginia coal miners in “Battle of Blair Mountain” to the quiet redemption of “Sweet Relief”, the songs are filled with deep feeling and uncommon descriptions. Produced by Jon Young and Louise Mosrie at Sonic Sculpture Studios in West Nashville, her self-penned songs are supported by the excellent musicianship of some of Nashville’s finest players. Byron House on bass (Sam Bush, Kathy Mattea), Scott Neubert on guitar/dobro/mandolin/lap steel/banjo (Irene Kelley, Hal Ketchum, Donna Ulisse), Matt Combs on fiddle (Ray Price, Marty Stuart, Elizabeth Cook), Steve Cirkvencic on electric guitar (Jeffrey Steele) and Tom Ball on harmonica.

Louise’s British parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1960’s for work finally settling on a farm on fifty acres in middle Tennessee. Born in Delaware and moving to the South as a child, she had trouble reconciling the two cultures around her - shunning all things Southern - disliking the accent, the food and the slow sleepy ways of doing things in her small rural town. Louise began writing pop/folk songs in her early 20s while living in Knoxville after college, producing two independent albums before moving to Nashville in 2004 to work on her song-craft. There, she made friends and contacts in the Americana and bluegrass side of Nashville, playing rounds and writing with artists like Donna Ulisse & Rick Stanley, Diana Jones and producer Ray Kennedy. Ironically, the melodies and imagery that emerged most strongly in her writing after 2004 came straight from the southern culture she once dismissed. Influenced by artists such as Nanci Griffith, Allison Kraus and Lucinda Williams, her songs tell stories of joy, love, struggle and heartbreak through the vivid characters and scenery of southern life. 

Early praise for the new CD, “Home”: "...a rare work of sweet-sounding art" - Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times, Maryville, TN

“The songwriting is really strong, the production is great and your voice quite beautiful. The more important thing to me, though, is that the songs are truly convincing.” – Lauryn Shapter, KRUU-FM

“Excellent, great songs and your singing is really good and soulful.” – Lloyd Maines, Grammy award-winning producer, musician and songwriter

Opening this evening will be Buffalo's own Davey O that has embarked on a decade-plus journey of growth, discovery, joy, and heartbreak that has resulted in a collection of justly-earned, highly introspective songs, - pure Americana written for the thinking person that is not of the social and political consciousness, but drawn from the deep well of experience and human emotion - no hackneyed story lines, no insincere polish, just an unflinching poet's look at life. The characters woven seamlessly into stories of which the song itself becomes the soundtrack for the movie playing inside the listener's head.

Armed with a steady, rhythmic pulse on his Gibson guitar, a battered straw cowboy hat and a no apologies rust-belt work ethic, Davey puts rubber to asphalt, entertaining attentive, diverse audiences at listening rooms, coffeehouses, nightclubs, festivals, colleges and universities throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth and Atlantic U.S. - performances that result in engagement, participation and communion between performer and audience through story and song.

Doors open at 7:30 pm
$18 in advance : Buy Online
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