"It was freakin’ amazing."

December 01, 2015 at 9:51 AM

The band’s stop to The Nelson Odeon last Friday, Nov. 6, is not only one of the many on its first east coast tour, but it’s one of the smallest. The venue is a historical grange, and has a significant voice and determination to bring in local, national and international talent.

To give an idea about the atmosphere and overall performance: The grange hall ended the evening with a standing ovation. Guitarist and vocalist Dan Sherrill said this aspect, what he calls the “feedback loop,” adds to and makes or breaks a show.

“The feedback loop … is the reception from the audience that we equally give back. It’s co-creation of the space.” He paused, smiled. “This happened tonight. It was freakin’ amazing. Some shows we have to manufacture a little magic for ourselves when there isn’t that feedback.”

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